Completed Jobs

Below I have listed several completed jobs for residential customers. Some of these completed jobs are also listed in our references page. Please feel free to view the references section and gallery for pictures of completed jobs.



1. Rebuilt a dam that was washed out during the flood of 2009 for Andy Lane of Dallas GA.

2. Cleared 6 acres for pasture land off Flint Hill Rd for former Falcons football player.

3. Leveling back yard and fixing drainage problem for Dexter Williams in Holly Spring Subdivision.

4. Dug out many basements for new construction when new home construction was good.

5. Rock delivered for driveway Douglasville, Paulding.



1. Removed old water separator tank, 20X60, which contained debris with a concrete wall and floor. Then
replaced with good dirt, Douglasville GA.

2. Cleaned old asphalt tank that contained  debris. Mixed the debris with crush and run, then hauled to another site, Douglasville GA.

3. Added 60 feet of sewer channel to existing sewer drain for Douglasville GA.

4. Concrete pads hammered and broken down and then hauled off. Also filled parking lot in with crush and run, Douglasville GA.

5. Tanks removed and land leveled, Douglasville GA.